Louis Theroux In Conversation with Patrick Holland, Channel Editor, BBC Two

To celebrate his 2016 Trustees' award, Louis will take part in a special event and Q&A at 6.30pm on Tuesday 13th December at Picturehouse Central.

Louis Theroux Louis Theroux

Charting his career from bold, funny outsider to one of the most nuanced documentary makers in the UK, Louis Theroux is In Conversation with the BBC's Patrick Holland.

Louis Theroux's documentaries range from intimate explorations of people facing extraordinary challenges, to getting under the skin of some of Britain's biggest personalities or delving into some of America's most controversial and fascinating lifestyles. Honoured with the 2016 BBC Grierson Trustees' Award, this evening celebrates Louis' twenty year career with extracts and highlights from his films and insight from colleagues and contributors who know him best. From the profoundly comic through to the darkest and most revelatory moments, Louis talks in a frank and open terms about his work, his life and his most recent films on Savile and Scientology.

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Presented by The Grierson Trust and produced by the BBC.

Published: 28 October 2016

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