The Grierson Awards 2012: Nominations



Deluxe 142 Best Documentary on a Contemporary Theme – Domestic

My Child the Rioter

My Child the Rioter

  • Director:Olly Lambert
  • Series Producer:Nick Mirsky
  • Production company:BBC Productions
  • First Shown:31 January 2012; BBC Two

"Where were the parents?" asked David Cameron in the wake of last year's riots. Like many, he put the blame for the civil unrest squarely on the shoulders of the errant families of those involved. But this simple film takes viewers directly into the family homes of the rioters themselves to reveal much more complex and challenging stories.

Panorama:  Undercover Care - The Abuse Exposed

Panorama: Undercover Care - The Abuse Exposed

  • Director:Joe Plomin
  • Producers:Matthew Chapman, Joe Plomin
  • Executive Producers:Frank Simmonds, Tom Giles
  • Writer:Paul Kenyon
  • Production Company:BBC Productions
  • First Shown:31 May 2011; BBC One

On the top floor of a special hospital, locked away from their families and friends, a group of men and women are subjected to a regime of physical assaults, systematic brutality, and torture by the very people supposed to be caring for them. The victims are some of the most vulnerable in society - the learning disabled, the autistic, and the suicidal.

Terry Pratchett:  Choosing to Die

Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die

  • Director/producer:Charlie Russell
  • Executive Producers:Sam Anthony, Craig Hunter
  • Production company:Keo North
  • First Shown:13 June 2011; BBC Two

In a frank and personal documentary, author Sir Terry Pratchett considers how he might choose to end his life. Diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2008, Terry wants to know whether he might be able to end his life before his disease takes over. Travelling to the Dignitas Clinic in Switzerland, Terry witnesses first hand the procedures set out for assisted death, and confronts the point at which he would have to take the lethal drug.

We Need to Talk About Dad

We Need to Talk About Dad

  • Director/producer:Elizabeth Stopford
  • Executive Producer:Peter Dale
  • Production company:Rare Day
  • First Shown:21 November 2011; Channel 4

The Johnson family appeared to have it all after two decades of happy marriage: professional success, a beautiful house in Kent, flaxen-haired children.... This is the story of an apparently normal family who get back together to confront terrible events from their past, which were witnessed by teenage son Henry.

Shell Best Documentary on a Contemporary Theme – International

Baka - A Cry from the Rainforest

Baka - A Cry from the Rainforest

  • Director/producer:Phil Agland
  • Production company:River Films
  • First Shown:17 February 2012; BBC Two

Phil Agland revisits the Baka Pygmy family he filmed 25 years ago in his BAFTA award-winning documentary Baka: People of the Rainforest. An extraordinary journey into the heart of the rainforest in Cameroon, where the past of the Baka revisits them through watching the old film projected in the forest - raising questions about their old life in the forest and what is happening to them now.

Children of the Tsunami

Children of the Tsunami

  • Director/producer:Dan Reed
  • Executive Producers:Alex Cooke, Clare Paterson
  • Production company:Renegade Pictures (UK) Ltd
  • First Shown:1 March 2012; BBC Two

On March 11th Japan was hit by the greatest tsunami in a thousand years. Through compelling testimony from 7-10 year-old survivors, the film reveals how the deadly wave and the Fukushima nuclear accident have changed children’s lives forever. Radiation and its possible long-term effects are a constant worry for parents and children who choose to remain in Fukushima. Many parents have placed severe restrictions on where their children can go, how they dress and what they can eat and drink.

Hell and Back Again

Hell and Back Again

  • Director:Danfung Dennis
  • Producers:Mike Lerner, Martin Herring
  • Executive Producers:Dan Cogan, Karol Martesko-Fenster, Maxyne Franklin, Gernot Schaffler, Thomas Brunner
  • Production company:Roast Beef Productions
  • First Shown:15 November 2011; More 4

Danfung Dennis paints an uncommonly intimate picture of the reality for soldiers involved in the Afghan conflict, both on the battlefield and in the unsettling normalcy of home.

The Life and Loss of Karen Woo

The Life and Loss of Karen Woo

  • Director:Ursula Macfarlane
  • Executive Producers:Liesel Evans, Brian Hill
  • Production company:Century Films
  • First Shown:22 May 2011; ITV1

In August 2010, only two weeks before her wedding day, young British doctor Karen Woo was murdered in the worst attack on humanitarian workers in Afghanistan for over 30 years. Shortly after Karen’s murder, her fiancé Paddy returns to Kabul to retrace her steps. The Life And Loss Of Karen Woo combines Karen’s own footage with Paddy’s search to understand what happened to her.

The Open University Best Arts Documentary

The Camera That Changed the World

The Camera That Changed the World

  • Director:Mandy Chang
  • Executive Producer:Chris Durlacher
  • Production company:Lambent Productions
  • First Shown:26 July 2011; BBC Four

In the summer of 1960 the fly-on-the-wall documentary was born. This film tells the story of how the bloody-minded filmmakers and ingenious engineers led this revolution by building the first hand-held cameras that followed real life as it happened. By amazing co-incidence, there were two separate groups of them - one on each side of the Atlantic… in the USA and in France.

Jeremy Deller:  Middle Class Hero - A Culture Show Special

Jeremy Deller: Middle Class Hero - A Culture Show Special

  • Director:Jack Cocker
  • Executive Producer:Janet Lee
  • Series Producer:Pauline Law
  • Production company:BBC Scotland
  • First Shown:24 February 2012; BBC Two

Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller is one of Britain’s most unconventional artists. He doesn’t draw, sculpt or paint and didn’t go to art school but his work has done more to push the boundaries of art than any other artist of his generation. Best known for his collaborative projects with striking miners, brass bands, and pop fans, The Culture Show follows this fascinating man as he revisits some of his major works to date.

Lucian Freud:  Painted Life

Lucian Freud: Painted Life

  • Director/producer:Randall Wright
  • Production company:Blakeway Productions
  • First Shown:8 February 2012; BBC Two

Painted Life explores the life and work of Lucian Freud, undoubtedly one of Britain's greatest artists. Freud gave his full backing to the documentary shortly before his death. This documentary is both a definitive biography and a revelatory exploration of the creative process.

Rostropovich: The Genius of the Cello

Rostropovich: The Genius of the Cello

  • Director:John Bridcut
  • Executive Producer:Philip Armstrong-Dampier
  • Writer:John Bridcut
  • Production company:ITN Productions
  • First Shown:1 November 2011; BBC Four

No one has done more for the cello than Mstislav Rostropovich, or ‘Slava’ as he was widely known. As well as being arguably the greatest cellist of the twentieth century, he expanded and enriched the cello repertoire by the sheer force of his artistry and his personality. Composers lined up to write works for him. In this film friends, family and former pupils explore the unique talents of this great Russian artist, and listen to and watch him making music. The film traces the development of Rostropovich’s international career amid the political tensions of the final years of the Soviet Union.

ITN Source Best Historical Documentary

Double Agent:  The Eddie Chapman Story

Double Agent: The Eddie Chapman Story

  • Director:Stephen Walker
  • Producer:Sally George
  • Executive Producers:Martin Davidson, Cassian Harrison
  • Writers:Ben Macintyre, Stephen Walker
  • Production company:Walker George Films
  • First Shown:15 November 2011; BBC Two

Ben Macintyre tells the true story of Britain – and Germany’s - most extraordinary spy, Eddie Chapman. A notorious ex-safebreaker, Chapman duped the Germans so successfully that he was awarded their highest decoration, the Iron Cross. Including newly-discovered footage from an interview Chapman gave three years before his death in 1993, Macintyre goes on the trail of one of Britain’s most unlikely heroes in this true-life ripping yarn - a story of adventure, love, intrigue and astonishing courage.

Fight to Save the World:  Sergio

Fight to Save the World: Sergio

  • Director:Greg Barker
  • Producers:Nancy Abraham, Diana Barrett, John Battsek, Julie Goldman
  • Executive Producers:Nick Fraser, Sheila Nevins, Christina Weiss Lurie
  • Production company:Passion Pictures, Silverbridge
  • First Shown:1 June 2011; BBC Four

Charismatic, charming and complex, Sergio Vieira de Mello was the world's go-to guy, a man who could descend into the most dangerous places, charm the worst war criminals, and somehow protect the lives of the ordinary people to whom he'd devoted his life. Sergio tells the story of his most treacherous mission ever... a mission in which his own life hangs in the balance.

The Love of Books:  A Sarajevo Story

The Love of Books: A Sarajevo Story

  • Director:Sam Hobkinson
  • Producer:Nicolas Kent, Nidal Magrabi
  • Executive Producesr:Peter Webber, Nick Fraser
  • Production company:Oxford Film and Television
  • First Shown:20 February 2012; BBC Four

War-torn Bosnia in 1992: the city of Sarajevo is besieged and burning. Great art treasures are lost in the flames. Only one library remains. Amid bullets and bombs, a group of book-lovers risk their lives to rescue 10,067 irreplaceable Islamic manuscripts. At stake is a nation’s history and identity....

World War Two:  1941 and the Man of Steel

World War Two: 1941 and the Man of Steel

  • Director:Russell Barnes
  • Executive Producer:Simon Berthon
  • Writer:David Reynolds
  • Production company:Barnes Hassid Productions
  • First Shown:13 June 2011; BBC Four

Professor David Reynolds re-examines how Stalinist Russia was almost annihilated by the Germans in 1941 and how, despite coming close to nervous breakdown, Stalin hung on to lead an extraordinary fight-back. Reynolds' incisive and dramatic analysis, based on new Soviet and British documents, opens up an unfamiliar side of the Second World War and squares up to the terrible moral compromise Britain made in allying itself with a dictator almost as murderous as Hitler.

Vimeo Best Science Documentary

After Life:  The Strange Science of Decay

After Life: The Strange Science of Decay

  • Director/producer:Fred Hepburn
  • Executive Producer:Marcus Herbert
  • Production company:BBC Scotland
  • First Shown:6 December 2011; BBC Four

Decay is a fundamental force in nature. To reveal the science behind it, this programme tracks the forces of decay over two months, as they are let loose in a typical house and garden, set up in public view inside a giant glass box. Time-lapse cameras and specialist photography capture the extraordinary way in which moulds, microbes and insects break down our everyday things, and allow new life to emerge from old.

The Fabric of the Cosmos:  Space Odyssey

The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space Odyssey

  • Directors:Jonathan Sahula, Graham Judd, Sabin Streeter
  • Executive Producers:Paula S Apsell, Joseph McMaster
  • Series Producer:Jonathan Sahula
  • Writers:Joseph McMaster, Graham Judd, Sabin Streeter
  • Production company:A NOVA Production by 32-12Media in association with ARTE France and National Geographic Channel
  • First Shown:11 March 2012; National Geographic

Space. It separates you from me, one galaxy from the next, and atoms from one another; but to most of us, space is nothing. It turns out space is not what it seems. From the passenger seat of a cab driving near the speed of light, to a pool hall where billiard tables do fantastical things, Brian Greene reveals space as a dynamic fabric that can stretch, warp and ripple under the influence of gravity.

Frontline Medicine:  Survival

Frontline Medicine: Survival

  • Director/producer:Paul Overton
  • Executive Producer:Jane Aldous
  • Series Producer:Paul Overton
  • Production company:BBC Scotland
  • First Shown:20 November 2011; BBC Two

Michael Mosley travels from the frontline of war to the frontline of research to look at medical breakthroughs emerging from current conflicts. At Camp Bastion in Afghanistan he sees first-hand how medics have achieved the highest survival rate in the history of warfare. And in the USA he discovers that innovative military medical projects could save lives both on and off the battlefield.

My Life as a Turkey

My Life as a Turkey

  • Director:David Allen
  • Executive Producers:Fred Kaufman, Steve Greenwood, Andrew Ruhemann
  • Writers:David Allen, Joe Hutto
  • Production company:Passion Pictures
  • First Shown:1 August 2011; BBC Two

Joe Hutto’s decision to imprint and raise thirteen endangered wild turkeys was a unique experiment that turned into an incredible journey of enlightenment. Taking place deep in the Florida wilderness, Joe becomes a turkey mother, he does not see another human for well over a year. My Life as a Turkey explores one of those rare moments when man and animal unwittingly become linked closer than nature should allow.

Clockwork Capital Most Entertaining Documentary

The Bengali Detective

The Bengali Detective

  • Director:Phil Cox
  • Producers:Giovanna Stopponi, Himesh Kar, Annie Sundberg
  • Executive Producers:Angus Aynsley, Karol Martesko-Fenster, Gernot Schaffler, Thomas Brunner, Jon Thompson, Steve Leslie
  • Production company:Native Voice Films in association with Almega Projects
  • First Shown:8 September 2011; Cambridge Film Festival

The secrets of Kolkata are revealed by overweight, dance obsessed, intrepid detective Rajesh Ji. Mixing dance and hit songs with the harsh lives of clients, this original feature documentary provides an unprecedented look at modern India through the prism of crime.

A Hasidic Guide to Love, Marriage and Finding a Bride

A Hasidic Guide to Love, Marriage and Finding a Bride

  • Director:Paddy Wivell
  • Executive Producer:Nick Mirsky
  • Production company:BBC Productions
  • First Shown:18 May 2011; BBC Two

Wonderland delves into the Hasidic Jewish community of Stamford Hill, north London, where the people live in a unique world divided between 21st-century urban life and 18th-century traditions. For the most part this community is reserved and publicity-shy, but filmmaker Paddy Wivell has spent three months with members of the community who have decided it is time to let the rest of the world inside their personal and religious lives.

Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder

Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder

  • Director:Christian Trumble
  • Executive Producer:Tayte Simpson
  • Production company:RDF Television
  • First Shown:21 December 2011; Channel 4

In a pretty English village in the Surrey stockbroker belt lives the infamous Mr Wallace whose hoarding habits have spread across a million pounds-worth of property that used to belong to his parents. Mr Wallace is arguably the UK's most extreme hoarder and his house has become a death trap. It is so packed that he has to crawl over mountains of papers and magazines simply to move from room to room; it takes 40 minutes to get to his front door from the chair he eats and sleeps in.

Rich Hall’s Continental Drifters

Rich Hall’s Continental Drifters

  • Director:Chris Cottam
  • Producer:John McCormack
  • Executive Producers:Addison Cresswell, Andrew Beint
  • Writer:Rich Hall
  • Production company:Open Mike Productions
  • First Shown:16 November 2011; BBC Four

Comedian Rich Hall hits the road as he takes us on his personal journey through the road movie. From the earliest days of American cinema, the road movie has been synonymous with American culture and through films such as Bonnie and Clyde, The Grapes of Wrath and Thelma and Louise, Rich explores with his customary wit and intelligence, what makes a road movie and how the American social, economic, political landscape has defined the genre.

ENVY Best Documentary Series

Educating Essex

Educating Essex

  • Director:David Clews
  • Producer:Grace Reynolds
  • Executive Producer:Andrew Mackenzie-Betty
  • Series Producer:Beejal-Maya Patel
  • Production company:Twofour
  • First Shown:21 December 2011; Channel 4

What is life really like for today's students and teachers? This series has unprecedented access to an English secondary school to follow a group of GCSE students, and the staff who teach them, as they face the most important year in their education. Passmores School in Harlow, Essex, is a successful school in a challenging area. Under head teacher Vic Goddard, it's been awarded Academy status and is rated 'outstanding' by Ofsted. The school has been rigged with 65 fixed cameras - from the corridors to the canteen, and from the head teacher's office to the detention hall - to reveal every detail of daily life.

Frozen Planet

Frozen Planet

  • Directors:Vanessa Berlowitz, Chadden Hunter, Kathryn Jeffs
  • Producer:Vanessa Berlowitz
  • Executive Producer:Alastair Fothergill
  • Series Producer:Vanessa Berlowitz
  • Production company:BBC Natural History Unit
  • First Shown:26 October 2011; BBC One

Sir David Attenborough travels to the ends of the earth, taking viewers on an extraordinary journey across the polar regions of our planet, north and south. The Arctic and Antarctic are the greatest and least known wildernesses of all - magical ice worlds inhabited by the most bizarre and hardy creatures on earth.

Our War

Our War

  • Director/producers:Bruce Goodison, John Douglas, Stuart Bernard
  • Executive Producer:Colin Barr
  • Production company:BBC Productions
  • First Shown:7 June 2011; BBC Three

This documentary series explores the first ten years of the war in Afghanistan, through the words and pictures of British soldiers. Using raw and unmediated footage from the front line, it gives a highly visceral account of the loss of a comrade for young soldiers on their first tour; the emergence of IEDs and their devastating impact; and the struggle to work more closely with civilians and put their interests first.

Protecting Our Children

Protecting Our Children

  • Directors:Sacha Mirzoeff, Emma Burman
  • Producers:Sacha Mirzoeff, Sasha Djurkovic
  • Executive Producer:Julian Mercer
  • Series Producer:Sacha Mirzoeff
  • Production company:BBC Productions
  • First Shown:2 January 2012; BBC Two

A three-part observational series shot over the course of a year that covers the work of child protection social workers in Bristol. After scandals like Baby P many people have lost faith in social workers’ ability to help children who are in danger of suffering abuse. Each film follows individual stories with families over months to understand the complexities of the job.

DocHouse & The Bertha Foundation Best Cinema Documentary

Bobby Fischer Against the World

Bobby Fischer Against the World

  • Director:Liz Garbus
  • Producers:Liz Garbus, Rory Kennedy, Stanley Buchthal, Matthew Justus
  • Executive Producers:Dan Cogan, Nick Fraser, Maja Hoffmann, Martin Pieper, Sheila Nevin
  • Production company:Moxie Firecracker Films
  • First Shown:15 July 2011; General theatrical release

In 1958, 14-year old Robert James Bobby Fischer stunned the chess world by becoming the youngest Grand Master in history. He taught himself to play chess at the age of six and started beating seasoned adult chess players at eight. His career highlight came in 1972 when he played the Russian Grand Master and reigning champion Boris Spassky - a series that was equally tied in with the Cold War as it was with chess. After his victory Bobby became the most famous person on the planet, and his already erratic behaviour began spiralling out of control, turning this genius into an unrecognisable recluse and pariah.

Dreams of a Life

Dreams of a Life

  • Director:Carol Morley
  • Producers:Cairo Cannon, James Mitchell
  • Executive Producers:Katherine Butler, Tabitha Jackson, Alan Maher, Paul McGowan, André Singer
  • Production company:Cannon and Morley Productions, Soho Moon Pictures
  • First Shown:16 December 2011; General theatrical release

Nobody noticed when thirty-eight year old Joyce Vincent died in her bedsit above a shopping mall in North London. When her skeleton was discovered three years later, her heating and television were still on. Newspaper reports offered few details of Joyce’s life, not even a photograph. Dreams of a Life is Carol Morley’s quest to discover who Joyce was and how she came to be so forgotten.



  • Director:Ian Palmer
  • Producer:Teddy Leifer
  • Executive Producer:Nick Fraser
  • Production company:Rise Films
  • First Shown:5 March 2012; General theatrical release

Storyville - Knuckle: Bare Fist Fighters takes us inside the secretive Traveller world – a world of long and bitter memories. Filmed over twelve years, the documentary chronicles a history of violent feuding between rival families. With remarkable access, the film documents the bare fist fights between the Quinn McDonaghs and the Joyce clans, who though cousins, have clashed for generations. Vivid, violent and funny, the film explores the need for revenge and the pressure to fight for the honour of your family name.

Project Nim

Project Nim

  • Director:James Marsh
  • Producer:Simon Chinn
  • Executive Producers:Jamie Laurenson, Nick Fraser, Hugo Grumbar, John Battsek, Andrew Ruhemann
  • Production company:Red Box Films, Passion Pictures, BBC Films
  • First Shown:12 August 2011; General theatrical release

Project Nim focuses on a research project centered around a chimp named Nim Chimpsky that asked whether a primate raised in close contact with humans could develop a limited ‘language’ based on American Sign Language.

CTVC Best Newcomer Documentary

Barbaric Genius

Barbaric Genius

  • Director:Paul Duane
  • Producers:Paul Duane, Mary Carson
  • Executive Producer:Alan Maher
  • Production company:Screenworks
  • First Shown:14 October 2011; Chapter & Verse Festival, The Bluecoat, Liverpool

This is the remarkable story of John Healy, a street mugger and wino who became a chess champion and award-winning author - a spectacular rise before a punishing fall.

Gypsy Blood

Gypsy Blood

  • Director:Leo Maguire
  • Producer:Rob Wilkins
  • Executive Producers:Russell Barnes, Molly Milton
  • Production company:ClearStory
  • First Shown:19 January 2012; Channel 4

Filmed over two years by award-winning photographer Leo Maguire, Gypsy Blood is an intimate portrait of gypsy fathers and sons and their uneasy relationship with bare-knuckle fighting traditions. The film follows the story of two families, showing how they fight for respect and revealing the price they pay - the cycles of revenge that erupt into sudden and terrifying violence.

Panorama:  The Truth about Adoption

Panorama: The Truth about Adoption

  • Director/Producer:Clare Johns
  • Executive Producer:Roger Graef
  • Executive Producers:Roger Graef, Tom Giles
  • Production company:Films of Record
  • First Shown:14 December 2011; BBC One

Adoption is now high on the political agenda as the best option for the 65,000 children in care. But, with less than 5% actually placed for adoption, children must wait an average two years and seven months for a permanent family. Why does it take so long? What is the human cost? This Panorama special follows six children in Coventry waiting to be adopted over six months.

The Sinking of the Concordia:  Caught on Camera

The Sinking of the Concordia: Caught on Camera

  • Director:Vanessa Colosi
  • Executive Producers:Simon Dickson, Mark Roberts
  • Production company:Dragonfly Film and Television Productions
  • First Shown:11 April 2012; Channel 4

Their video cameras should have captured a luxury holiday; instead, their footage tells the story of an unfolding tragedy. This film uses passengers’ self-shot video to reveal the full picture of what it was like to be on board.  From the pre-launch excitement, to the panic of the crash and relief of the rescue, this is how ordinary people reacted to an extraordinary disaster.

Sky Arts Best Student Documentary

The Betrayal

The Betrayal

  • Director/producer:Karen Winther
  • Institution:National Film & Television School
  • First Shown:29 February 2012; BFI Southbank, London

In her teens Karen became a member of a left-wing activist group. Norwegian youth groups were at war and violent confrontations between anti-racists and the growing extreme right movement were frequent During this time, Karen made a choice that has haunted her ever since. This is the filmmaker’s personal journey to confront her past, and a story about both left and right wing extremism.

Kirkcaldy Man

Kirkcaldy Man

  • Director/producer:Julian Schwanitz
  • Executive Producer:Emma Davie
  • Institution:Edinburgh College of Art
  • First Shown:11 February 2012; Glasgow International Short Film Festival

Who is Jocky Wilson? Once the world's best darts player, now a fallen hero. In search of his myth, we follow the forces that shaped his Scottish hometown Kirkcaldy and its inhabitants as we discover lost memories of the man who once inspired the nation.

The Men in White Coats

The Men in White Coats

  • Director/producer:Rob Harper
  • Institution:National Film & Television School
  • First Shown:29 February 2012; BFI Southbank, London

Forty years ago they told Denis he was schizophrenic, but he doesn’t believe a word of it and his psychiatric nurse Paul isn’t interested in labels either. Jake’s been stuck on the acute ward for months and Rory’s doing his best to get him out. It’s an increasingly fine line between wisdom and insanity for all involved, struggling to keep it together on the picturesque West Coast of Ireland.



  • Director/producers:Sebastian Feehan, Josh Bamford
  • Institution:Newport Film School
  • First Shown:20 May 2011; Graduation Screening, Newport Film School

The most fought over city in the Bosnian war, Mostar remains home to Nedzad Kasumovic. He was a shopkeeper with a young family when the conflict began; twenty years on he looks back on the war that was fought on his doorstep.

Coutts Grierson Trustees’ Award

Kevin Macdonald

Kevin Macdonald was born in Glasgow in 1967. He started making television documentaries in 1993 for STV. His TV documentaries included profiles of the documentarians Humphrey Jennings and Errol Morris. His first theatrical documentary, One Day in September, won the Oscar in 2000. Subsequent features documentaries include Touching the Void (BAFTA for best British film 2004), My Enemy’s Enemy (2006), Life in a Day (2010) and Marley (2012). He was also Executive Producer of Britain in a Day (2012) and Senna (2011).

Kevin has also made a number of award winning feature films including The Last King of Scotland (2006), State of Play (2009) and the forthcoming How I Live Now. His publications include Imagining Reality: The Faber Book of Documentary, which he co-edited with Mark Cousins, and the award-winning biography Emeric Pressburger: The Life and Death of a Screenwriter.

Kevin is married with three children and lives in London.

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